Chilean Alfalfa Chilota

A sweet honey with notes of clove, lime and dry hay with a bright and fruity tang.

Partner: Cooperativa Mieles del Sur


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Extra Light Amber

Harvest Season

December – January



Nectar Source

Alfalfa Chilota

Main Note

Dry Hay, Lime


Earthy, Fruity


Granular, Thick

Additional Information

Alfalfa Chilota is an herbaceous plant that grows along the edges and in the clearings of Patagonia’s temperate rainforest. In the same family as the Alfalfa plant most North Americans are familiar with, Alfalfa Chilota has yellow flowers that bloom between December and January. The honey from these flowers tends to be sweeter and fruitier than other Patagonian honey varieties. Alfalfa Chilota honey has a bright, tangy flavor and leaves a sensation of lime and dry hay on the palate. Some people note a hint of clove as well.

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