Colombian Acacia

The Acacia (acacia mangium) tree in Meta, Colombia blooms year-round and supports up to five harvests per year. Each harvest can have slight variation due to local seasonality for other botanical blooms in the area. This is an amber honey with notes of gingerbread. Fruity flavors that range from citrus to raspberry, depending on season.

Partner: Apícola Campo Verde


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Harvest Season

Multiple annually



Nectar Source


Main Note

Berry, Citrus, tangy

Additional Information

Situated between the base of the northern Andes and the ‘bellybutton’ of Colombia, Apícola Campo Verde (ACV) started as a 1000-hectare reforestation project in Meta, Colombia, back in 1988. Covered with Acacia woodland, rivers, and shrubland, the reforestation project Acacia reforestation was initially meant (known then as Campo Verde, or Green Field) to supply sustainable construction materials for nearby Villavicencio. That all changed when honey bees showed up, and the farm began learning and implementing sustainable beekeeping practices. The project now has up to 500 active hives, and provides refuge to numerous plants and animal species, including giant armadillo.


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