Oaxacan Forest

This honey is sourced from unique micro regions in the Sierra Madre del Sur of Oaxaca, Mexico. Multifloral from the flowers of the native huapinol, cacahuananche, tololote trees primarily. Hints of anise, citrus and daffodil;  may be hit with sweet potato, smoked plums or a slightly minty aftertaste.

Partner: Bidoó Collective, Oaxaca


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Amber, Dark Amber

Harvest Season




Nectar Source

Cacahuananche Tree, Guapinol Tree, Other tropical flowering fruit trees, Tololote Tree

Main Note

Anise, Citrus


Granular, Thick

Additional Information

Our farmers and their Mixtec ancestors have cultivated this soil for centuries. This is a region with few employment opportunities. Many of its residents leave their native land in search of jobs elsewhere. The producers of BIDOÓ honey focus on the health of their bee populations and the rich local biodiversity. These practices allow them and their families to develop sustainable livelihoods and stay in their own communities.

The Bidoó Collective manages more than 3000 hives in the remote southwestern coastal region of Costa Chica in the state of Oaxaca. Bidoó producers offer minimal intervention in the production of this USDA and CERTIMEX-certified organic honey. Producers working in various micro-ecological zones take ecological protection and product quality very seriously. This beekeeping community practices mobile extraction, and in remote areas, the producers can be seen carrying the hives and equipment by horse or hand. To protect from pests, producers use an elevated hive system and coat their hives with beeswax instead of paint.

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