Tanzanian Miombo Woodland Honey (Light Miombo)

Tanzanian Light Miombo honey is derived from jubernardia and other subspecies of trees in the legume family that grow in woodland savanna eco regions of central and east Africa.

Partner: Kilimo Nyuki


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Harvest Season

June – August



Nectar Source


Main Note

Caramel, Fig, Smokey

Additional Information

Light Miombo honey consists more heavily of nectar derived from Julbernardia and/or Isoberlinia trees, but can also contain Brachystegia (miombo tree) nectar.

Miombo is vernacular for woodlands growing in southern and central Africa. The tree species that provide nectar are the Brachystegia (miombo), Julbernardia, and/or Isoberlia — all three are part of the legume family. These woodlands are home to innumerable species of flora and fauna, and provide access to a number of human products and services which range from food and medicine to cultural and spiritual needs.

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