Ethiopian Geteme

Geteme (schefflera abyssinica) is a large tree native to the horn of Africa, that contributes to production of white or off-white honey. Geteme honey tastes of sweet, fresh spring flowers with deep notes of rose. Mariza honeys are biodynamic and naturally ferment, crystallize, and/or evolve in other ways. Maryiza honeys’ biodynamic nature does not affect edibility or food safety – like all other honeys, it will never expire.

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Water White

Harvest Season

May – June


Gera Forest

Main Note

Fresh cut flowers, Rose

Additional Information

The Gateme tree (Schefflera abyssinica) flourishes in high altitudes across Ethiopia and east Africa. In Ethiopia, many farmers manage their wild or domesticated coffee trees under the shade of Gateme trees, which can tower 20-30 meters high. Found concentrated in forests throughout Ethiopia, the Gateme tree produces a white to light amber nectar resulting in a very light honey.

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