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Rancho San Cayetano

Country: Mexico | Region: Michoacán

Our Story

Rancho San Cayetano is a place that captures the imagination and sweetens the senses. It has areas of endemic Oak and Oyamel (fir) forest as that serve as refuge for the over-wintering Monarchs in the Monarch Butterfly Ecological Reserve. The project supports more than two dozen people in local beekeeping sector.

The region’s bee is melliferous (European), wandering among lilies, jasmine, roses, irises, nine varieties of orchids, jacarandas, Indian tulips, wild flowers, salvias, acacias, acahual, burro grass and many varieties of conifers (fir, pine), ash and fruit trees (especially citrus).

Our beekeeping process came together in 1980 as a personal interest for owning and breeding bees for the use of their honey. Afterwards,  in 1994,  for Rancho San Cayetano’s guests, we began to offer it as part of our quality breakfasts served to them directly and for them to enjoy as a gift from us.

In 2006, we decided to become Organic as this was becoming a eco friendly trend take advantage of this by jumping into the local markets with a good, high quality Michoacán honey for different tables in the city of Mexico. The organic model of integral production with which the Rancho San Cayetano works is a scheme of self-consumption and commercialization of the surplus.

Our Mission

To show all small-scale honey producers from the area how to gain access to larger markets, we ask them to bring their brood boxes, matching quality standards, and we buy from them same honey quality to sell.

A family Business that started with a dream to leave a polluted and crowded  city life behind for a nicer eco-friendly environment a couple of hours outside of Mexico City.

Local Honey from the Monarch Butterfly Reserve also gives an alternative for trafficking wood from the pine forest that later lead to trafficking of different kinds of drugs.

Our trusted and expert beekeepers follow high-quality standards and use treatment free experimental practices with our bees. Our relationship has been ongoing for over 15 years – expanding the amount of production. This commitment is still strong.

Our honeys flow from the native and wild flora of wild flowers around the high lands west of the Michoacán State. The area is clean from industrial pollution, and far from commercial crops and GMOs. This forest contains native, nectar-rich wild flower species that bloom in different seasons, which allow our beekeepers to harvest honey with a great smooth aroma, flavor, color, and texture. We do not blend the honey between our different group batches from hives nor between different harvest seasons, so we can then ensure a unique tradability of each honey and its different outcomes.

Our Honey

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