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Autumn Morning Farm

Country: United States | Region: Massachusetts

Our Story

Welcome to Autumn Morning Farm. Our objective is to educate the public in the Art of Beekeeping through Natural, Organic and Treatment Free Methods. The honey produced by our bees is Local, Raw, Unfiltered and Unheated. Our honey is strained before it is bottled to remove excess wax particles produced during the uncapping process.

Autumn Morning Farm is a small scale commercial beekeeping operation located in the rich farm land of central Massachusetts. We support the local agricultural industry by working with local farmers to increase their crop production through the use of pollination. Our apiaries are located on local farms that are managed by organic methods. We manage our apiaries the same way.

Our bees are managed using organic methods and our honey is processed using organic standards to deliver the best possible honey to our customers

Autumn Morning Farm and Aunt Chrissy’s Honey are owned and operated by Chris and George O’Neil.

Our Honey