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Kilimo Nyuki Tanzania

Country: Tanzania | Region: Various

Our Story

Swahili for ‘honeybee agriculture’, Kilimo Nyuki was concepted in 2016 to address challenges within the Tanzanian beekeeping and agricultural sector. Farmers that managed cash crops were not effectively utilizing native honeybee colonies to increase crop yeilds. In Tanzania, the potential for improved yields for integrative beekeeping includes avocadoes, sunflowers, squash and many more. Beyond improving agricultural yields, the project provides technical training and equipment for producers in various regions, including Njombe, Iringa, Katavi, Bukoba, Dodoma and Coastal Tanzania.

Honeybee biproducts inlcuding honey, beeswax, and pollen are often supplementary goods that can provide substantial value for full or part-time beekeepers. Providing market access for these biproducts is not just critical for supplemental income to rural producers — the income can incentivize protection of natural ecosystems where honey and bees are already abundant, including vast stretches of Miombo woodland habitat that is home to countless indigenous floral and faunal species.

Kilimo Nyuki aims to organize and encourage beekeeping as a viable economic tool across Tanzania’s diverse ecological systems. By working more directly with local farming and beekeeping communities, Kilimo Nyuki provides another outlet for honeybee biproducts that help support and protect the diversity, challenges, and opportunities of the Tanzanian agricultural and forestry sectors.

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