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Swahili Honey

Country: Tanzania | Region: Multiple

Our Story

Joseph, Chris and Charles started Swahili Honey in 2015 with strong values to produce high quality honey and support Tanzania’s rural beekeepers.

We are proud to continue our tradition and we couldn’t have done that without our valuable customers. With their support we have grown a number of our rural beekeepers to more than 700, and enabling us to keep doing what we love – bringing to market a world-class, ethically sourced, delicious and pure 100% Tanzanian honey.

Proudly Tanzanian owned, Swahili Honey has a long held commitment to quality control and assurance, product innovation and driving consumer awareness and consumption of honey.

Swahili Honey passionately cares about our bees and their hard work to make this amazing sweetness. That is why we have chosen to put the honey drop at the centre of our brandmark, that Swahili Honey will handle every honey drop produced with love and care.

Our Honey