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Country: Ethiopia | Region: Multiple

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Each batch of honey reflects a major floral source. Working with small-batch, local producers in natural forests allows for an amazing range of unique honeys.

Working with forest-based communities, these partners are training producers on best-management practices. Improving management practices has allowed for improved floral reflections of indigenous trees of these unique regions which include Gera forest and the Majang Cloud Forest (UNESCO world heritage site) of Ethiopia.

The goal of these community-based products is to build more sustainable and equitable value chains for local populations, while incentivizing the protection of indigenous plants and forest systems.

Maryiza honeys’ are raw and created in partnership with smallholder forest communities that produce honey utilizing traditional beekeeping methods across Ethiopia’s Southwestern Afromontane Region. Given the traditional methods, which you can learn more about on their Field Notes blog, many of their honeys are biodynamic and naturally ferment, crystallize, and/or evolve in other ways. Maryiza honeys’ biodynamic nature does not affect edibility or food safety – like all other honeys, it will never expire.

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